Comparison of Braided Cables vs Non-Braided: Which one is better?


If you are redesigning your gaming setup or your workstation, you definitely don’t want your cables to end up kinking or fraying within a short span of time. So, what to choose between Braided cables vs non-braided? We have done the research; read this article to know more.

What are the Differences between Braided and Non-braided Cables?

Braided cables are usually the popular choice for their design and longevity. But are they really better than non-braided cables? Let’s take a look at their features and help you make your decision easier.

What are Braided cables?

Braided cables, as the name suggests, are fabricated from first-rate wires woven together and guarded with either rubber coating or plastic. Here are some braided cable benefits.

Braided cable benefits

1. Specifications

We need to juggle through a zillion tasks throughout the day, and signal interruption is the last thing you would ever want. Composed of metallic wires, braided cables deflect EMI and ensure signal strength is not lost. Additionally, the lattice design makes the cables more flexible and protects cords from being bent out of shape.  

2. Resilience

It is better to choose a cable that melts rather than burns. Braided cables do just that. They are resilient to heat and avoid the risk of any burns. 

3. Resistance

“Do all cables have equal resistance” is a question that often crosses the mind while purchasing cables online. Well, it doesn’t work like that, and resistance predominantly depends on the nature of the composition of the cables. That being said, nobody wants their newly purchased cables to rot! Consider non-braided cables as they offer better resistance to dust, moulds, insects, animals, or even your regular wear and tear.  

4. Lasts longer

What sounds better than ” worth every penny”? Literally nothing! Although the cost of braiding cable is a tad bit higher, their durability and functionality make it worth it. 

5. Elongation Properties

They are composed of Nylon which improves the stretchability of the product.

6. Waterproof Finish

The best feature ever! Braided cables have water-resistant properties that prolong their shelf life and assure safety. 

7. Excellent Abrasion resistance

They can work efficiently in any condition as the intertwined wires are durable and provide abrasion resistance. 

What are non-braided cables? 

Non-braided cables are made from single massive wires, which are then encased in rubber and plastic.  

Non-Braided cable benefits

If you are a person who doesn’t abuse the computer setup, non-braided cables will suffice all your requirements. Moreover, you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket the next time you are in dire need of cables. They cost relatively less than braided ones. 

Braided cables vs Non-Braided cables

There is no perfect answer to this question and primarily depends on your issues and needs. However, with the advancements in technology, braided cables have the edge over non-braided cables


Hope we cleared your dilemma of Braided cables vs. Non-Braided cables. If you are puzzled about where to buy reliable and effective cables and the best computer chords, check out Dyeton Solutions now. Our products ensure there is no more distortion in communication. Without any further ado, explore our versatile range today! 


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Written by: Rocken
Written by: Rocken

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