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11 July 2022
braided and non braided cables

Comparison of Braided Cables vs Non-Braided:Which one is better?

If you are redesigning your gaming setup or your workstation, you definitely don’t want your cables to end up kinking or fraying within a short span […]
23 June 2022
motherboard cards image

What are the components of motherboards and their functions

Needless to say, Motherboards are the backbone of networking! They connect all the computer components with other peripherals and ensure the flow of communication. They interlink […]
2 June 2022
C-type convertors image

Dynamics of C-type converters

In a pyramid of global connectivity, cables and wires are the grassroots. USB-C has become the most preferred for its incredible data transfering bus and functionality. […]
12 November 2021

USB Cable and Its Uses

Did you know USB is short for Universal serial bus? USB was invented in 1990 by an Indian-American computer architect. Our ancestors might never in their […]