5 Ways to Organize Your Cord Cables


Wires, wires everywhere? Worry not! Dyeton has compiled some helpful tips and accessories that can help you store, manage and safeguard your cord cables effectively!  here are simple ways to protect and organize your cable cords and extend their life. 

Read on. 

5 Ways to Store Your Cord Cables

Gear ties

They are bendable and made of rubber exterior making them indestructible. These ties can be used to safeguard your cable wires. Apart from this, they also look cleaner and save space. In case you don’t have gear ties, you can also opt for zip ties to safeguard your wires. Ensure to not tie them too hard. 

Cable station

This is a compact cable storage solution that not only saves space on your table but also keeps your wires safe. They prevent loose cords from lying around. This mini station is designed to keep your cords tucked in, so they don’t slide on the ground when unplugged. 

Hanging cord bundler

Hanging cord bundlers allows you to hang your cables individually. These especially come in handy when the cord wires are lengthier and heavier. They are easy to hang and use. In case, you can’t find a hanging cord bundler, make use of any rubber hooks to hang your cables. 

Loop magnets

Loop magnets can be used if you have a magnetic desk or a fridge with lots of cable wires hanging around. Simply attach the loop magnet and hang your cord cables with style! They provide a simple and efficient way to protect your cord cables. 

Velcro cord organizers

Do you have tons of wires around your table? Then this is a perfect storage option. Velcro tapes are easy to use and are quite handy. Purchase a pack of velcro tapes and roll your cable wires to keep them intact. Whether it is at the home, office, or your car, they are useful.

Tips to protect your cord cables

Storing your cord cables right can help prevent damage and protect the long-term. Apart from using accessories to store them, here are simple ways to protect your cable cords and extend their life. 

  1. Take care of your cable – Always remove your cable while holding the plug. Don’t pull suddenly or else this will put pressure on the weakest parts of the cable cause it to wear
  2. Avoid excessive bending – Always keep your cable cords rolled up and safely. Avoid bending frequently or wrapping them tightly as it causes wear and tears gradually.
  3. Use cable protectors – Cable protectors help protect the weakest point of the cord construction which is the plug. They avoid unnecessary pressure caused by removing the plug.
  4. Repair your cables early– Don’t wait for your cables to completely wear off before you pay attention to them. If you notice your cables losing shape or tearing, switch your habits to safeguard and repair them. 

Apart from these tips, we also suggest using cables only when necessary and storing them in one place. Use extension cords temporarily and unplug the cords carefully after use. 

We hope these tips helped! 


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Written by: Rocken
Written by: Rocken

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