Will DVDs be obsolete soon – Why sales dropped more than 86% in 14 years


Today, in a world filled with streaming movies and TV shows, DVDs seem to be a thing of the past. It has been a long time since DVD sales have been on the decline, but in this post, we have tried to put the numbers in context by comparing the decline in DVD sales to other notable items. We have also tried to find out what could be the reason for this decline and has there been any change in the market in the last 14 years.

Will DVDs be Obsolete Soon?

DVDs have lost the charm to the eyes of the young generation. They are big, difficult to carry, and not very lucrative with the funds. However, the DVD industry has struggled to maintain its dominance. 

It’s no secret that the great majority of people no longer purchase those “classic” CDs. The youngsters these days are crazy about ‘Netflix and relax.’ To support it is the fact that since 2011, platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO have seen sales balloon 1,231% to $12.9 billion. 

Now the world is running on connectivity more than it does on the sources of connectivity themselves. For a long time, people thought it would be a robust format, but the rise of streaming services and torrents have put a serious dent in DVD sales. Since 2008, DVD sales have declined by over 86%.

While this is one of the important reasons for the decline in the usage of DVDs, USB cables and HDMI cables are replacing DVDs, though indirectly.

How are USB cables and HDMI cables replacing DVDs?

The HDMI interface enables a port to deliver high-resolution digital video, theater-quality sound, and device controls via a single cable through a connector. There are various varieties of HDMI cables, each of which accommodates a specific visual resolution and HDMI capabilities. Bearing these advantages, it is no surprise that HDMI cables have been replacing DVDs. They have been successfully supporting the pace of this generation to transfer multimedia with a snap of a finger.

With being able to access the connectivity of electronic devices such as printers, smartphones, and digital cameras to a computer, television, or USB 2.0 port, Mini-USB connectors, and Micro USB connectors have been such a boon to the connectivity needs of the fast-paced world that might not spare time and the risks of accessibility. 

DVD is no longer the top dog in the video rental business. It is no longer the most popular option for movies. The future of movies lies in the hack of connectivity. But will DVDs become totally obsolete soon? Some statistics say yes. We hope you enjoyed our blog about this topic. If you have any other comments or questions about DVDs, please let us know. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have. For more information about converters and cables, refer to https://dyetonsolution.in/


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Written by: Rocken
Written by: Rocken

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