What is a Splitter Box?


Wondering what is a splitter box? don’t worry, cause we will be discussing the splitter box and its types in our blog. In today’s world of technological evolution, there have been multiple innovations to make businesses more efficient and home entertainment more sophisticated & personalized. Splitters Box plays an important role in displaying multimedia content on different display devices.

For beginners, Splitters will look a bit similar to Switchers. But, the main basis of differentiation is the input and output patterns of each component. In splitters, one input signal from a source device is split into multiple display devices (Essentially, one splitting into many). When it comes to switchers, multiple input signals from different source devices can be used to give a single output on the display device. In a switcher, you can choose which input signal should be displayed at the output device using a display device’s remote.

Businesses may need to display the same content like live dashboards in multiple rooms to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams by keeping them continuously informed. Splitters will be handy in situations where live streaming is required on multiple monitors across different teams.

There are scenarios in home entertainment where a splitter would be very useful. When friends need to compete in video games via the same monitor. Can you think of two friends playing a football penalty shootout game? Or a case where your opponent (using the same monitor) knows your next move. A splitter would be the perfect solution, where the same input signal is delivered to multiple monitors.

Types of Splitter Box

There are different types of splitter boxes available based on the type of signal used such as VGA, HDMI or DisplayPort.

1. VGA splitter box

A VGA splitter box is designed to take in one VGA input signal and split it into multiple VGA output signals. VGA (Video Graphics Array) is a legacy video signal standard usually found in older devices and displays that can support resolutions up to 1080 pixels. But many industries like healthcare, finance, and education still use many VGA such devices, where there is still a need for VGA splitters.

2. HDMI splitter box

An HDMI (High-Defenition Multimedia Interface) splitter box takes in one HDMI signal as input and splits it into multiple output HDMI signals. The output display device should have an HDMI port to receive the input signals. Nowadays, most modern devices are equipped with an HDMI port that can transmit signals in 4K resolutions too. So, HDMI splitters are very commonplace in many industries and even for home entertainment purposes.

3. VGA-HDMI splitter box

A VGA-HDMI splitter box takes one VGA input signal and one HDMI input signal and splits them into multiple VGA and HDMI output signals. This is particularly useful when there is a mixture of display devices with VGA and HDMI ports. This VGA-HDMI splitter offers versatility by accommodating both VGA and HDMI configurations.

4. Display splitter box

A Display splitter box is designed to take one video input and split it into multiple display outputs. This type of splitter nox is not limited to a specific video signal standard and can support all types of inputs like VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. A display splitter box is an ideal solution for businesses and homes that require multiple displays to show the same content but have a mix of devices with different video signal standards.


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Written by: Rocken
Written by: Rocken

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