VGA cable or HDMI cable? Which One is Better for You


VGA cable vs HDMI cable

Are you confused about whether to choose VGA Cable or HDMI Cable? An HDMI cable is much better than VGA Cable for several reasons. Not only is HDMI capable of sharing more data (which translates into higher resolutions and higher frame rates), but it can also carry over audio. Both HDMI and VGA carry signals via a specific voltage, and VGA is analogue (waves). The quality decreases in proportional to voltage drop, which is related to cable length.

VGA and HDMI are patterns used for cables that combine devices such as DVD players, laptops and computers to a display, like a computer monitor, TV or projector. Let’s have a detailed look into precisely a VGA and an HDMI.

What is VGA?

The complete form of VGA is Video Graphics Array, and it is a standard connector that is an older standard carrying a video signal for computer video output. Though replaced mainly by HDMI, in some respects, VGA is still the standard for linking video display controllers such as PC monitors and projectors. It was introduced way back in 1987 as a feature of the IBM PS/2 line of PCs before evolving the universal connector for most computer monitors, projectors, and smart TVs back in the age.

What is HDMI?

The complete form of HDMI is High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It was introduced back in 2002 and has since become the chosen HD standard for most display electronics in the market today, e.g., PC monitors, HDTVs, projectors, and many more. Currently, it is the cable connection interface choice for compound video, component video, and A/V connection types such as S-video. HDMI works by the transition-minimized differential signalling technology to transfer data from one location to another.

VGA vs HDMI Capabilities:

VGA Cable connections were created to carry only video signals from a device to a display. When they were first released (1987), analogue signals were the standard. When digital signals became more ordinary, VGA cables were improved with converters to allow an analogue-to-digital conversion. However, more recent display devices used digital signals, too. Hence, the procedure became a two-step conversion from digital to analogue and back to digital, with concurrent degradation of the signal. The analogue signal would lose some information in the transformation to digital, and more information is lost when restored to digital. In addition, analogue signals hold less information than digital, so the original image such a plan starts as less “sharp” than what can be accomplished in digital.

Best VGA and HDMI cable suppliers in India

Dyeton Solution offers the best cables to buy VGA cable online in India, which are often inexpensive and easily found online. Converters might cost substantially more than the cables as they are more of a speciality item. HDMI cables are more expensive than previous DVI standard cables, reflecting that HDMI offers single-cable audiovisual feeds and higher quality. Dyeton is an HDMI Cable wholesale supplier which provides the best quality of HDMI Cables in India.


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Written by: Rocken

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