How many types of cable connectors are available?


If you are executing any industrial design, the cable connectors play a crucial part. With the help of cable connectors, you can easily connect the communication and power cables. Cable connectors, especially the circular cable connectors, play an important part in any industry, as the requirement of connecting the two cables is always fulfilled by cable connectors. There are 4 types cable connectors in a basic cabling installation techniques.

Types of Cable Connectors

There are 4 Types of Cable Connectors. Every connector has a male-end called plugs, and a female-end called jacks. There is a extensive amount of individual electrical connector types that can be differentiated in several ways, and now we will see the classification of connectors based on its applications.

1. Ethernet Cable Connectors: 

RJ45 connectors are used for CAT6 cables and CAT5e cables. These connectors for twisted-pair Ethernet cables are identical in appearance to a standard telephone cord connector. They are more comprehensive, however, because they have eight conductors compared to only four conductors on a telephone jack.

2. Coaxial Cable Connectors:

BNC connectors are a type of F-series connectors normally found in households. This type of connector for RG59 or RG6 coaxial cable is used for cable television equipment, broadcast TV antenna applications and CCTV security camera installations. They are effortless to connect and disconnect from equipment and provide inexpensive, stable connections to these communications devices and other cables.

3. USB Connectors:

USB connectors are perhaps most familiar to the majority of people. USB (Universal Serial Bus) connectors typically join external devices to a personal computer or are used for mobile phone charging. There are adapters that will allow an Ethernet cable to connect directly to a USB port, though this type of setup would be a temporary solution for networking.

4. Fiber Optic Cable Connectors

Fiber optic connectors require different types of connectors from those used with coax or twisted-pair cables, such as CAT5e. These types of connectors in networking must align glass fibers with precision to allow for communication. If you choose to use optical cable over twisted pair Ethernet, you may need to install a special adapter in your computer to utilize various fiber optic cable connector types.

Connectors and cables cooperatively connect everything from computers to telecommunication systems to home theaters. Pairing the suitable connectors with the suitable cables will make sure your network runs smoothly.


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Written by: Rocken
Written by: Rocken

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