Everything You Must Know About Power Cord Connectors


A power cord connector connects an electrical appliance to the main electricity supply via a socket or an extension cord. We also have known a power cord connector as line cord or main cable. These power cords are flexible and detachable from both of the power supplies.

A power cord has a clamp that prevents it from being stretched or over-used. Sometimes, a voltage converter is necessary for places with unusual electric supply such as trains. Thus, it is recommended to choose a power cord wisely with an appropriate shape and capacity. Cut Type Power Cord from Dyeton

The cords comprise coatings that can absorb heat, oil, dampness and dirt. Factories, industries, machineries, etc., use power cords as it comes in handy for them to make their work easy, as they can work from many feet away from an electric source.

The power cords comprise an electrical connector at either ends namely, the male and female end. We attach the male one to an electric plug, whereas the other is just a socket or an outlet to prevent external shock.

Among the detachable ends, the female one gets connected to the electric appliance to avoid danger. Dyeton’s Cut Type D cord is most efficient to use and is recommendable for your day-to-day work. IEC C19 Power cables come in normal and high-temperature variants to ensure their safe usage.

Power cord connectors are available in different shapes and sizes to make it beneficial for your uses and needs. They are also beneficial to plug in the electrical gadgets. The power cord provides both Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC). AC is passed through regular plugs at houses, offices and shops etc., whereas batteries give force to DC.

For more details, queries and ideas regarding power cord connectors, visit Dyeton Solution’s website or contact us.


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Written by: Rocken
Written by: Rocken

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