Difference between PCI serial card and PCI SATA card


PCI serial Card and PCI SATA Card are like bridges that connect the host computer to drives or external devices like a USB. PCI cards were created in 1992 and dominated the market in 1990s and 2000s. To learn about the difference between PCI serial cards and PCI SATA cards, we first need to be clear about their definition and functions. 

PCI serial card

The full form of PCI is a Peripheral component interconnect. As the name suggests, it has the function of interconnecting different components. PCI serial card helps to connect the computer to a serial device like the USB or modem. It lets us transfer or view data in a faster way, provided you have a serial card from not only a good brand, but the best in the market, one of which is Dyeton solution. It is a leader in the market of cards, cables and computer accessories. 

PCI serial card
PCI serial card by dyeton solution


PCI SATA card helps in connecting host computer’s motherboard to hard disc drives or solid-state drives. These helps in increasing the storage capacity of a computer by adding a SSD or HDD. They transfer data in a better, faster way. 

PCI SATA card by dyeton solution

Difference between PCI serial card and PCI SATA card

PCI serial card helps in connecting the computer to a service device like the USB or the modem. The PCI SATA card helps in connecting the motherboard to SSDs or HDDs. This is the major difference between them whereas the most important function between the two is to help the computer connect to a different component for various benefits. 

Is PCI card still used?

But then the question arises, is PCI card still used? The answer to it is yes, PCI card is still used even after 29 years of its creation and it may take a while to replace it. Quality PCI card suppliers like Dyeton solution have kept the PCI card market alive.


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Written by: Rocken

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