27 December 2021

What Type of HDMI Cable Supports a 4K Tv

We’re sure this question has struck your mind as you’re scanning the racks in an audio-video store or shopping online for HDMI cables. We get that […]
25 November 2021

Difference between PCI serial card and PCI SATA card

PCI serial Card and PCI SATA Card are like bridges that connect the host computer to drives or external devices like a USB. PCI cards were […]
18 November 2021

Where can we find the best HDMI cables in India?

Yet to find the answer to the best HDMI cables in India? There are many quality cable dealers in India, one of them being Dyeton solution. […]
12 November 2021

USB Cable and Its Uses

Did you know USB is short for Universal serial bus? USB was invented in 1990 by an Indian-American computer architect. Our ancestors might never in their […]
3 November 2021

3 Types of Motherboard Cards and their purpose

What is a motherboard card Motherboard is to the computer, what spinal cord is to humans. Like spinal cord, a motherboard connects CPU, Memory, Hard drives, […]
27 October 2021

5 Most Important Types of Power Cords

A power cord is an electrical cable that connects electrical appliance to a electrical supply through a wall socket or extension cord. If you search for […]
1 October 2021

Splitter and Switchers Suppliers in Hyderabad

Switches and splitters are a necessary part of any network. Without them connection is not possible. While switches help the network to connect to the internet, […]
25 September 2021

Will DVDs be obsolete soon – Why sales dropped more than 86% in 14 years

Today, in a world filled with streaming movies and TV shows, DVDs seem to be a thing of the past. It has been a long time […]
22 September 2021

Everything You Must Know About Power Cord Connectors

A power cord connector connects an electrical appliance to the main electricity supply via a socket or an extension cord. We also have known a power […]